Ten Important Specialties In The Private Investigation Business In Phoenix


If you are interested in starting a private investigation business, then you must choose either one or multiple from the ten specialties given below. There are few companies that offer the entire ten specialties of the investigation. A Phoenix private investigator must be aware of the ten specialties before starting a business.

A background check is the primary investigation services offered by most of the investigation services. A background check is conducted to examine an individual’s personal and professional history. You can get the background details of a person from an automated online websites but the final report is inaccurate and not updated. To get an accurate report, you must choose an investigation company that offers background check service. It is a must to do when recruiting a new employee, searching for a nanny, to know about your neighbor and many other reasons.

The next type of investigation is civil investigations. It is just opposite to criminal and involves cases between two citizens. For example, one person sues another person for the injuries caused in the domestic accident. For arguing the civil cases, evidence is required. Some of the most common civil investigations involve personal injury investigations, asset searches etc. Surveillance is the primary investigation and it is conducted to search the missing person, infidelity searching, cheating spouse, corporate fraud, workers’ compensation and many others.

The fourth type of investigation is you can offer is insurance investigations. There are many types of insurances available in recent days which cause insurance frauds. The insurance investigators utilize the records research, surveillance, and interviews to find the life, car, home and workers’ compensation fraud details.

The next type is fraud investigation service includes investigation in finding a theft fraud to past experience. Fraud investigation includes a company, nanny, any individual, and group of people etc.

In Corporate investigations, investigations take place to check the legitimacy of a business partner, figuring out the theft of the sensitive proprietary details, finding out the damages of the business reputation. These are the general types of corporate investigations it also includes a broad range of findings from intellectual property, criminal inquiries to financial searches. The investigation varies based on your business needs.

The seventh one is Accident reconstruction. In this, the investigation company must find out the cause, location and situation of an accident. It is useful to discover or decrease the liability, give answers to the parties involved in the accident, by investigating and gathering the required pieces of evidence for the court case.

The domestic investigations are required to investigate in a case for the domestic reasons like divorce, drug abuse, sexual abuse, child custody, background checks etc. It helps to prevent fraud and theft in your home. You can also do the investigation and find out whether the spouse is cheating or not. If there are any differences in appearance and behavior including frequent internet usage, suspicious phone call, and work routine then an investigation is mandatory.

You can also offer investigation services for sexual assault, probation, child custody, missing children, vehicle theft, disputes in construction, and many others.

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