Tips To Choose The Right Inventory Tracking System


Inventory management system is vital to the success of your business whether online or offline. Spreadsheets are not meant for inventory management because it more than just cell formulas. Reliable inventory management software with tracking solution would be the ideal choice for your business. Choosing the right inventory software that works for your business can increase productivity and profitability.

Test drive
Before zeroing on inventory tracking, it is important to test drive the product. There is no point spending loads of money on a tracking system if you do not know how to use it. Live demonstrations and software trials are available to understand the system better. You can test drive the product to understand its operations. Without having to spend any money on the product, you can test it in your environment.

Simplicity of features
There are many features laden in the inventory tracking system, and it may sound weird for a new user. The basic inventory tracking features like tracking by serial number, packing slips, supply management are must haves in a system. Consider the solutions before choosing a tracking system.

Compounding with your system
While buying a new inventory tracking system avoid unnecessary expenses. Ensure if the tracking system can be easily integrated with the existing system. Scrapping the system and buying a completely new one would be expensive and unwarranted. The tracking system should work fine with the existing hardware and software on hand. The new system should be flexible to importing the existing data. Integrating the system with the accounting software would be an added advantage.

Wireless Network for data transfer
Inventory solutions give the flexibility of updating data from anywhere. The mobility of the software gives it an added advantage. The tracking solution uses RF communication or batch data transfer. In data transfer method, the software syncs only when connected to the PC. The process is manual and takes time. On the other hand, RF data transfer is wireless and can pass data instantly from computer to software, and it fetches real-time data. With inventory changing frequently or when you lack large stock on hand, wireless inventory is the right choice.

Price of the system
For any product, the price is an important deciding factor. Determining the cost of inventory tracking system is difficult. Many elements contribute to the pricing of the software. This can include the cost of the software license per seat, hardware including a barcode scanner, mobile computers, etc., staff training, technical support, maintenance contract and implementation cost. Seek a quote in advance to know if it is well within your budget. The quote should be transparent with no hidden charges. The final price has to be quoted, and the service provider should not charge even a dime more than the quote.

The best inventory tracking system needs careful research. Do not be in haste to zero on the product. Weigh the pros and cons before making a choice. Irrespective of the size of your business investing in an ideal inventory tracking system is a wise choice you will never regret.

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